Three Cocktails Of Your Choice

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Choose three of your favorite Super Lyan Cocktails to brighten up your day!
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Beeswax Old Fashioned
Maker’s Mark, Millstone Rye, beeswax, flamed orange, raw sugar, bitters
East 8 Straight Up
Vodka, Aperol, lychee, passionfruit, love
Lyan Negroni
Bombay Sapphire gin, Italian bitter, Italian sweet vermouth, celery leaf and black olive
Beefeater gin, beetroot, raspberry vermouth, fino “sherry”, dandelion root, lemon oil.
Ayurveda verjus, Martel VS cognac, alum stone.
Pisco Punch
Pisco, falernum, prosecco cordial, tepache, ‘lime’.
Sex at Sunrise
Tequila, bay leaf orange juice, super grenadine, peach.

Non Alcoholic East 8 Straight Up
Lychee, passionfruit, love
Non Alcoholic Adonis
Beetroot, raspberry vermouth, fino “sherry”, dandelion root, lemon oil

Each cocktail is 100 ml.